A Confirm profile goes much deeper than a resume. It is built by the friends and colleagues who know you best. 

Your Confirm profile has six sections. The first, Accomplishments, describes the notable achievements your contributors have identified during their time with you.

The second is Titles & Environments. This section describes the appropriate job titles that your contributors have identified for you. It also describes the team or work environments where they think you'd most succeed.

The third section is Strengths. This section describes your positive character strengths, as well as stories and examples of them. Similarly, the Expertise section describes the on-the-job skills that your contributors think you're proficient in.

The fifth section is Areas of Growth. We all have areas where we'd like to grow and improve, and your contributors have identified these for you. They've also included examples to help you in your job match.

The sixth and final section is a freeform comment area where your contributors can speak freely.

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